Students’ Representative Council (SRC)


The Regulations of the Council of Legal Education provide for a Students' Association to be established at each Law School. All registered students are eligible for membership in the Association

The Executive Committee of the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) is responsible for:

  1. The organisation and management of the Association in accordance with the provisions of the constitution
  2. Pursuing the objectives of the Association
  3. Carrying out the mandate and the directives of the Association

The Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is comprised of the following persons:

President (who doubles as the Academic Chairperson) - Nicole Marajh
Vice-President - Miriam Andrew
Secretary - Shakisa Harvey
Treasurer - Surihya Sabsook
Moot Chairperson - Stefan Newton
Constitutional Chairperson - Shaquille Newton
Publications Chairperson - Saeed Hamid
Sports Committee Chairperson - Marlon Roberts
Cultural and Entertainment Committee Chairperson - Steffie Daisley

Welfare Chairperson - Shernell Hadaway

De facto members of the Council

First Year Representative
Second Year Representative

Due to the diverse make up of the student body each territory is given the opportunity to present its culture in a concert and dinner, offering the cultural and culinary diversity of that territory. Currently there is Bajan (Barbados) Night, Guyana Night, Trinbago (Trinidad and Tobago) Night and OECS Night. The SRC contributes to each night equally.

The SRC sponsors in full The Annual Christmas Concert. The Christmas concert is developed and put on by the students who write and produce the main event of the concert which is the Christmas Play. The Christmas Dinner is subsidised by the sale of tickets.

The SRC also sponsors the annual Sports Day where teams compete with each other. Each team has to be comprised of one first year tutorial group and a second year tutorial group. Points are awarded for each event.

To download a copy of the SRC Orientation Booklet, please click on the following link:

SRC Orientation Booklet 2012