HWLS Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan 2008-2013 was established by the Council of Legal Education. The Council is responsible for coordinating the planning and development of the strategic plan for all Law Schools. Each Law School establishes and monitors the deployment of the Strategic Plan and in so doing prepares Business Plans to facilitate the implementation process. The Council has identified its Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals for the 2008-2013 Plan as defined below

Our Vision Statement

We want to be a world leader in higher education through innovation, creativity and relevance in a system of practical legal education that is rooted in our history as a Caribbean people and is designed to enhance the practice of law and jurisprudence of the Caribbean; to empower our people and develop our societies through the 21st century.

Our Mission Statement

We aim to facilitate the development of competent legal practitioners for the Region who, appreciate their responsibility as members of an honourable profession and recognizing the needs of their socio-economic environment, are inspired in the pursuit of excellence, the maintenance of high ethical standards, the promotion of social justice and the strengthening of the rule of Law

Our Strategic Goals

Goal 1 Reform the structure of the Council of Legal Education
Goal 2 Entrench continuous improvement of quality
Goal 3 Strengthen information technology capabilities
Goal 4 Offer students a superior educational experience
Goal 5 Increase opportunities for legal training
Goal 6 Build research capacity and increase involvement in research activities
Goal 7 Expand and deepen collaborations with other institutions
Goal 8 Achieve greater financial independence
Goal 9 Build institutional capacity for effective administration

Performance Measurement Process

We use strategy maps to define how we attain performance and apply the principles of Balanced Score Card (BSC) by Kaplan & Norton to follow up on implementation of our strategic plan.

In essence, we set key performance indicators (KPIs) to monitor our organizational performance. We measure how each employee achieves his/her performance standards against their departmental work objectives.

We then track the KPIs to identify performance attainments, gaps and improvements across the institution.

Our Team:

Who Champions Strategic Planning?
Ms. Miriam Samaru - Principal (Executive Sponsor)

Who Monitors Strategic Plan Implementation?
Mr. Lyndon Abdool - Manager: Quality Assurance, Research and Effectiveness
Mrs. Rhonda Parris-DeFreitas –Director, Legal Aid Clinic

Contact Us:
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